Photo taken in September 2010

Once a month, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles will feature a book of the month on topics related to (historic) bridges, which will include a review on the part of the author and in some cases, an interview with the author. It will then be posted in the Chronicles under the category of Bridge Book of the Month. Should there be a bridge book that deserves to be nominated for Book of the Month, please contact the author of the Chronicles either via e-mail or via facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (under the profile Jason D. Smith).

June 2012

The Arch Bridges in the City of Erfurt, Germany and The Bridges in Old Town Erfurt (2 books by Hans-Joerg Vockrodt and Dietrich Baumbach)

July 2012

The Bridges of North America by David Plowden

August 2012

Wood, Concrete, Stone and Steel: Minnesota’s Historic Bridges by Denis Gardner

September 2012

How to Fix an Antique Bridge: A DVD by Julie Bowers

January 2013

The Bridges of Madison County

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  1. Sharmon

    I recommend the book “The Silver Bridge Disaster of 1967” by Stephan G.Ballard,Bridget J Gromek,Martha Fout,Ruth Fout,and the Point Pleasant River Museum.Excellent pictoral and account of the Silver Bridge collapse including pictures and stories of the people who lost their lives,and,others that were witnesses and involved in some way on that day,December 15,1967.Published by Arcadia Publishing.

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