Niagara Falls To Be Shut Down For Bridge Replacement

In 1969, Niagara Falls was shut down to look at the effects of erosion on the falls as well as the development of rocks at the bottom of the falls, which were impeding the flow of the Niagra River.  Yet if things go the way of the state parks department and the permits are granted,…
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Another bridge

Rendsburg High Bridge’s Transport Ferry To Be Dismantled

Unknown if and how the ferry can be repaired- damage substantial. UNESCO application threatened. A few years ago, I pulled an April Fools joke on the members of the historic bridge community by writing about the Rendsburg High Bridge coming down because it was unsafe for all traffic and the need of the German Railways…
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2015 Ammann Award Nominations Part 2

Here are the rest of the ballots for this year’s awards. The Best Photo section can be found here.                   MYSTERY BRIDGE (4 Votes: 2 International and 2 USA): 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61 & 62. (Click on the numbers to read more about…
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2015 Amman Awards Voting Part 1

Finally, after a pair of significant delays due to events that have interrupted our lifestyles on both sides of the Big Atlantic, the time has come for the voting process for the 2015 Othmar H. Ammann Awards, powered by the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles and Poll Unlike in previous voting, all the voting will be done…
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Rig Downs Historic Highway Bridge In Arkansas

Semi-truck with skidder brings down 1920s through truss bridge that used to serve three major highways, no one injured. POTTER, ARKANSAS- Careless and ignorance seems to be the major theme involving historic bridges in the United States and elsewhere, as drivers of large heavy trucks have been illusive in ignoring the restrictions involving crossing a…
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