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Silverdale Bridge in Washington County, Minnesota

In the world of historic bridge preservation, people preserve their prized structure, only to allow it to take its course as an ordinary bridge with the purpose of carrying pedestrians, cyclists and/or even light vehicles. The question is how did these people come together to restore their structure, why did they do it, what were the successes and shortcomings in their project and what can we, as pontists, craftsmen, historians, journalist and photographers, as well as other interested people can learn from them?

The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is taking individual success stories of historic bridges that were preserved as well as historic bridge parks and other place of recreation, which will be posted as an article as well as here, to ensure that people can take a look at the success stories and use this knowledge for their historic bridge restoration project.

If you have a success story to share with the reader, please contact Jason D. Smith via e-mail at:, and you can have your story listed here:

Individual Historic Bridge Preservation Success Story:

Newfield Bowstring Arch Bridge in New York.

Nine Mile Creek Bridge on the Erie Canal in New York

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  1. Dave Black

    This unfortunately is not turning out to be a success story. Here is a documentary on the closed private toll Harmony Way Bridge spanning the Wabash River between Indiana and Illinois.

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