Ammann Awards Voting Deadline Extended to 11 January

Lime Creek Bridge north of Fulda, Minnesota. Photo taken in December 2010

Arctic Blast paralyses 2/3 of the USA with power outages and people stranded;  Several ties for first place in four categories; Winners to be announced January 13th.

Growing up in Minnesota, one is used to winters where snow drifts of up to 2 meters cover half the house, fields are covered in snow drifts resembling lakes, schools are called off and kids can stay home and watch TV- or help out with the digging, and we had frigid temperatures that are tolerable- -10°C on average after snow storms.  Even scenes like this one, taken in during the Winter 2010/11 were pushing it but tolerable:

But this most recent Arctic Blast has crippled two thirds of the United States, stranding people everywhere- in their cars, at homes, and even community centers. Record temperatures were reported everywhere from Minnesota and the Dakotas, to the New England states and even down towards Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas- a first in 20 years! Statewide closures of schools, governmental agencies and business is now a common site, and with that: power outages!

This has prompted the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles to delay the deadline of submitting the voting ballots to January 11th at 12:00am (7:00am Berlin Time). This way, people who did not have a chance to vote because of power outages, closed libraries and public places, and being stuck in the snow, will still have a chance to vote for their bridge candidates. Ballots can be downloaded here or through by clicking here. You can either fill out the ballot or provide a list of your bridges you’re voting and send it to the Chronicles at or

Partially completed ballots are also acceptable. In case of any questions, etc., please let the author know.

Winners will be announced on January 13th!

Another reason for the extension is in four categories we have a battle for first place among bridge candidates. This includes the following:

Bridge of the Year: A two-way tie between the Hastings Bridge in Minnesota and the Bixby Creek Bridge in California, with Wells Street Bridge not far behind.

Mystery Bridge: On the international scale, we have a tie for first place between the Bike Shop Bridge in Flensburg and the Hafenbahn Bridge in Halle (Saale), both in Germany

Best Photo: We have a three-way tie between the Eisenhower Bridge in Minnesota, the Navajo Bridge in Arizona and the Hillsborough Railroad Bridge in Florida, with four other bridges in the mix.

Best Preservation Example: A four-way tie for first place between the Riverside Bridge in Missouri, Big Four Railroad Bridge in Kentucky, Cremery Bridge in Kansas, and North Bennington Bridge in Vermont.

Spectacular Disaster: Two way tie for first place between the I-5 Bridge in Washington and the Newcastle Bridge tornado disaster in Oklahoma, with the Leo Frigo Bridge sag in Wisconsin, and the railroad trestle fire in Texas on their heels.

Before the winners are announced, the author will present his pics for the Smith Awards minus the Spectacular Disaster part, and there is a post humous Lifetime Legacy Awards that will be presented, honoring a pontist from Iowa who spearheaded a successful efforts in saving numerous bridges in the state. More will come from there. Stay tuned and looking forward to the ballots from those unable to vote as of present!

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