Now Accepting Nominations for the 2014 TRUSS Award

Cascade Bridge in Burlington, Iowa. One of the winners of the 2013 TRUSS Awards. Photo taken in August 2013

While voting is still commencing for the 2013 Ammann Awards, nominations are being taken for another award that will be given out in February: The Top-Rated Unique Savable Structures Awards (aka TRUSS). They will be given out to the unique bridges with a high degree of historical value but are being threatened with demolition. To nominate your candidate, click on this link, which will follow you to James Baughn’s website. There you can send in your nomination, as well as look at the previous winners of the TRUSS Awards, including the Cascade Bridge in Iowa, winner of the 2012 Awards.

The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles will provide you with the top five bridges who are winners of the TRUSS Awards as soon as the winners are announced.


FYI: Deadline for submitting the votes for the 2013 Ammann Awards is January 6th at 12:00am Central Time (7:00am Berlin Time). At the moment, we may be facing a run-off vote in at least four different categories for the Awards for they have candidates that are in a three-way tie for first place (in a couple cases, a four-way tie). Whether the run-off or a possible extension for voting will take place depends on the number of completed ballots being submitted between now and then. The Chronicles will make the announcement as soon as the final ballot has been submitted and the votes tallied.  Stay tuned for the suspense……

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