Newsflyer 30 July, 2013

Photo taken by Jonathan Parrish

Madison-Milton Bridge falls to progress, Iowa Historic Bridge Weekend in Two Weeks, New Hampshire Historic Bridge’s fate in question

After a few days absence due to non-bridge related commitments, the Chronicles has a few articles that will be coming in the next couple days. Most of which are in connection with the Historic Bridge Weekend, which is coming up faster than we all thought. While the deadline for pre-registration of the Historic Bridge Weekend has passed, you can still join in on the fun August 9-12 and sign up for the dinner in person. The presenters are set, as well as the venues. The numbers of participants will be high and the coverage of the event will be huge. For the fifth annual event, it will be a big deal.

While we do have a couple key events that happened involving historic bridges in addition to the info on the Historic Bridge Weekend, the author decided to experiment with this Newsflyer by using an app called Go!Animate. While this app can be used in schools to enable students to produce their own film and develop technical skills, the app also works for adults wanting to expand their skills in the field of media, journalism, computer sciences and the like.  While the app is part of a wikipedia project being put together at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, the Chronicles is presenting a Newsflyer and an advertisement of the Historic Bridge Weekend in Iowa both in Go!Animate format to enable readers to listen and receive the information from a different angle. Please note that the voices are computerized and may be difficult to understand, which offsets the high quality pictures you will see in these short presentations. So just relax, click on the links and enjoy the experimental clips provided by the Chronicles.

Newsflyer 30 July, 2013

Historic Bridge Weekend Announcement.

Note: Should you want to provide feedback to this experimental version, please feel free to comment about it.