Guessing Quiz: Name That Bridge Type

Photo courtesy of Luke Harden


Beginning in April, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles will start a series on unusual bridge designs- namely bridge designs that were not commonly used for roadways and railroads but were built for experimental purposes.

This bridge is one of them. Before talking about the truss type, take a look at the picture above. This was discovered by fellow pontist Luke Harden and was brought to the author’s attention shortly before Easter. The bridge spanned the Wapsipinicon River in Independence, in northeastern Iowa. It consisted of two truss spans, yet when looking closely at the bridge, it features a rather unusual truss design. It is not necessarily a Warren truss for the diagonal beams form a W-shape. Yet it is not a Whipple, nor a Bollmann, for the diagonal beams slice through three panels before meeting the A-frame panel, which is also sub-divided.






This leads to the Chronicles’ Guessing Quiz, featuring two questions:

1. Name that truss type.

2. When was it built, in your opinion?  As the bridge no longer exists, the other question is when was it removed.

You can leave your answers in the Comment section either here or in the facebook pages bearing the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles’ name.  The answer will be given at this time next week, with some interesting facts about this truss bridge type.  Good luck with the guessing!