Presenters Sought For Historic Bridge Alliance Webinars

The Historic Bridge Alliance (HBA) is planning its fourth in a series of webinars on successful historic bridge rehabilitation projects. These are hosted and sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Institute (FHWA/NHI.) During our last webinar in January, we maxed out our 300 registered lines and many locations had multiple participants.

HBA is an all-volunteer community of engineers, preservationists, historians, advocates, and other public and private sector members promoting effective practices in the identification, evaluation, management, rehabilitation, maintenance, and continued use of historic bridges.

On behalf of HBA, I am seeking recommendations of people who may be willing to present a case study during our next webinar.  The HBA seeks presentations conducted by someone with direct knowledge of the rehabilitation. Presentations should be fairly technical for primarily an engineering audience but also succinct and focused on key preservation challenges and how they were resolved.

Through these webinars, the HBA brings individuals together to foster multidisciplinary problem-solving and share best case examples with the goal of improving practices nationally.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for case studies for the next, or any future, webinar. We are hoping to hold the webinar in August. Presenters are at their own desktop and we have an established PowerPoint template to follow.

Amy Squitieri, Historic Bridge Alliance Chairperson

Author’s note: This is an announcement for all those with expertise in preserving historic bridges as well as those who are interested in them and have some success stories to share with the historic bridge community. Thanks to Ms. Squitieri for providing the message for the Chronicles.