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  1. Thank you Jason for putting this photo up on your page. This was a truly fun bridge to photograph.

    I have a few corrections to your story. First, I was going to attempt to crawl down the old railroad beds. But some landowners, who take an interest in historic structures offered to take us along some grass roads on their land to see it.

    It was abandoned due to flood issues, but not in the 80’s. The line was purshased by DM&E in 1986, with flooding in 1993, abandoned from Sanborn to Comfery in 1994, with the rails being taken out in 1996.

    I am going to make some pushes to get this bridge preserved. It should be fixed up, and turned into a trail. The MN DNR currently owns it, but they should turn it over to the counties.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, John. I know the Great Flood of 1993 devasted the region and damaged or destroyed at least two thirds of the historic bridges in the country, some of which were from Minnesota. Judging from the appearance of the bridge, it appears that there is hope to save the structure in the future. But one has to get in touch with the right people, one of which I’ll send a notice out to so that she can have a look at it when she’s back from Texas. Regardless of how you got to the bridge, the trek was well worth it, even more so than the last bridge I found and photographed in Germany (in Flensburg) in April this year, where I had to wrestle with thorns and a Rotweiler dog who was near two hikers. More on that story when I write about the city’s bridges, which are many but mainly short-span railroad crossings. Good luck with your pursuit of preserving the bridge and thanks for adding some info.

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